Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays at Semilla | Photo by Jillian Schenzel

Meatless Mondays at Semilla | Photo by Jillian Schenzel

On October 15th we launched a new Meatless Monday once-monthly event series at our new brick & mortar location at 218 President St. The event will feature vegetables as the star with a carefully curated menu of all vegetarian and mostly vegan-friendly options.

Did you know that there has been a 14% increase if the consumption of plant-based proteins by Americans since 2015? Who cares? Well, we’re excited about the shift and what it means for restaurants like ours, because our chefs love cooking with vegetables.

I like to cook with vegetables because you get to cook and experiment with something different every season,” says Semilla’s newest member, Sous Chef, Samantha Kramer. A sentiment echoed by co-owner and Chef, Macready Downer. “There’s only a certain window that you can use them, which nurtures creativity and keeps the menu fresh.
— Semilla's Sous Chef, Samantha Kramer + Chef, Macready Downer
Chopped Salad at Semilla’s Meatless Monday | Photo by Jillian Schenzel

Chopped Salad at Semilla’s Meatless Monday | Photo by Jillian Schenzel

We will continue to host a once-monthly Meatless Monday Pop-Up at our new restaurant location on the Westside, with our next event coming up this Monday, December 17th from 5-10pm. The restaurant, which is typically closed on Mondays, will use this additional shift to feature a menu full of Mexican-influenced vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. “We want to show how great vegetables are at being their own cuisine,” says co-owner, Jillian Schenzel. “Vegetables should be at the center of the plate. And you don’t have to mimic meat to get a great end result.”


Meatless Monday

Chopped Salad: Peas. Apple. Jicama. Orange. Cabbage. Cucumber. Cilantro.

The 3rd installment of Semilla’s Meatless Mondays Pop-up will be on Monday, December 17th from 5-10pm at 218 President St. Guests can make reservations on Resy or call the restaurant to reserve a table. Walk-ins are welcome! Contact us at for more information.

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